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I am now in Melbourne and have picked up media accreditation for the Australian Open. I will be shooting the full two weeks and photographing all the top players and well as many lesser and up and coming players of all nationalities.

If there are any specific players that are needed, please contact me at and I can ensure that I shoot them. At this year’s Australian Open, I will be concentrating on clothing, rackets and details, so if any clothing or racket manufacturers are looking for specific images of their players, I will be their man! I am also going to be shooting a large number of shot sequentials, so if you are looking for six or more photos of a player making a specific shot, then please let me know which player you want and I can supply the images.

I will also be looking to shoot far more picture work this year and to make sure that I maximise the new courts and the amazing light that Melbourne has in the late afternoons. Please make sure you check my images from the Open regularly!

I am also on twitter now and will be posting as much as I can over the next two weeks. Why don’t you follow me and keep up with the events of the next two weeks.